The company PSOMAKARA | Diving Services & Consulting Co was founded in 1992 in Greece . Consolidated in the field of underwater services , thanks to the high quality of services offered . It has establishments in Greece , Togo, Turkey and Cyprus while all our diving teams  dispose certifications by all Classification Societies (IACS) , the INSB and by the British Classification Society – L.R Welder ; while all operations are approved by ISO 9001: 2008 from Bureau Veritas.

Our highly trained personnel PSOMAKARA | Diving Services & Consulting Co , with the technical expertise and many years of experience in the underwater services , combined with modern technology equipment, guarantees excellent results in all diving work called upon to perform , always on schedule .

diving servicesdiving services

The PSOMAKARA | Diving Services & Consulting Co is committed to :

  • Provide high quality services that perfectly meet the requirements, needs and expectations of customers .
  • Operation in accordance with applicable regulations.
  • Safe operation of underwater operations.
  • Execution of services always on schedule.
  • Integrity and professionalism.
  • Continuous improvement and innovation of service.
  • Continuous education and motivation of staff.

diving servicesdiving services

The underwater work the company PSOMAKARA | Diving Services & Consulting Co extended to:

  • Underwater maintenance tasks such as underwater hull cleaning and underwater propeller polishing , underwater fitting anodes and underwater replacement anodes , u/w search & recovery anchor chain (cable), underwater sea chests cleaning , underwater sea chests gratings cleaning , temporary underwater plugging sea chests ( waterproofing )  , underwater maintenance bow thrusters .
  • Underwater inspection ( in-water survey ) with underwater video, underwater photography and underwater measurements . Underwater clearance measurements of rudder pintles and tail-end shaft wear down measurements . Underwater survey of coastal structures and underwater survey of underwater constructions .
  • Underwater repairs such as, underwater cutting , underwater welding , underwater waterproofing , underwater propeller repair , underwater propeller cutting ( cropping ), underwater propeller polishing , underwater rudders repair , underwater replacement rope cutter , underwater repair bow thrusters .
  • Specialized underwater maintenance of submarine and coastal structures , installation of underwater pipelines , installation of underwater cables , underwater pipe inspection . Construction and maintenance of ports . Shipwreck salvage (refloating) , shipwreck cutting , shipwreck removal .

diving services lome , consulting lome

Also , PSOMAKARA | Diving Services & Consulting Co undertakes Shipping Agency  services ( permits for diving services ) at the port of Togo – Lome and Turkey, Istanbul and Canakkale. Coordinates , in consultation with the port authorities , for berthing of ships at the port of Togo  - Lome and Turkey, Istanbul and Canakkale to perform diving services and covers additional needs of the vessel and its crew .

The range of services provided by PSOMAKARA | Diving Services & Consulting Co include:

  • Issuance of license ( for diving services )
  • Port services
  • Diving services
  • Delivery of spare parts / supplies
  • Auxiliary vessels

The company PSOMAKARA | Diving Services & Consulting Co provides 24/7 underwater work and other additional services in the port of Togo – Lome and across the region of the Gulf of Guinea , responsible and always on schedule .

The company PSOMAKARA | Diving Services & Consulting Co provides 24/7 underwater operations around the world , always on schedule . It now has headquarters in Greece , Togo , Turkey and Cyprus , while dive teams are located at regular intervals in ports around the world. The staff communicates in five different languages ​​(Greek, English, French, Spanish, Arabic). Main phone number 24/7: (+30) 210 4001120, (+30) 210 4004470 email:

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